About Us

The Association of Adult Education Providers was established by 42 membership organizations in 1992, and since then it has grown to nearly 160 members, most of whom were enterprises, as well as schools, universities and non-profit organizations. It is the largest national adult education organization, and also performs a leading role in advocacy in the field of education.

The Association provides constant support in everyday activities for adult educators and adult education institutes, also ensures the continuous quality improvement of professional work, and the inevitable development of training methods and tools. Besides, the renowned members have been advocating for quality adult education for many years now.

Anyone who shares the same attitude as the members themselves towards adult education can join the Association.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to play a decisive role in shaping the national adult education policy and its conditions in the mid to long-term future. We aim to represent and advocate for the interests of adult education and education organizing enterprises, institutes and non-profit organisations effectively.

Our other goal is to implement and adopt the EU education policy in Hungary, prepare education to face the challenges of entering international markets, and to help the integration of Hungarian adult education abroad.

The Association is also committed to propagate the importance of being a lifelong learner (LLL), and take an important role in forming its long-term policy.

Main Activities,
Services Provided to Members

Representation of Interests

The FVSZ regularly conducts consultative meetings with the Ministry of Culture and Innovation (KIM), National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning (NSZFH), Vocational Education Innovation Council (SZIT), and other offices/organizations involved in adult education. During these meetings, it requests legal opinions, applies for amendments, and compiles various proposals concerning the Adult Education Act and other relevant regulations upon the request of its Members and Officials.

As a permanent committee member of the National Qualifications Committee, it discusses and makes proposals regarding current issues in vocational and adult education during the meetings.

The President of the FVSZ is a member of the Vocational Training Innovation Council (SZIT), the RRF Monitoring Committee (RRFMB), and the Expert Committee on Social Mobility (TMSZB).

Quality Assurance System: MIR Handbook (free for FVSZ members, includes legal compliance, expert forums, workshops, and templates).

Ethics Committee (contributes significantly to the fairness of market competition with its opinions and objective judgments).

Professional Conferences (every year, we organize two 1-2 day professional conferences free of charge for members).

Provision of Professional Database, Advertising Platform, Legal and Tender Monitoring (www.fvsz.hu).

Annual Subscription for Microsoft Educational Licenses: Windows Server (file server) and Exchange Server (mail server), as well as the Easy Company Project Management and Leave Tracking module.

FVSZ Online (notifications: news, regulations, tenders, events, membership calls).

Previous EU Projects (as consortium member):

  • Reveal 2 (Erasmus+): trainings for volunteers
  • Trainbud (CIP): energy efficiency and renewal energy training for construction workers
  • Norway Grant: motivating local employment around Budapest Airport (trainings, curriculum development)